2015-2016 PLT Members and Topics
Facilitator Member Topic
Ames-Balicki, Jessica Cliff Gallant, Brenda Johnston, Colleen Cox, Kathy Hogan, Selina Moeller, Janet Flaherty, Sara Pierson, Lisa O’Sullivan,Tricia Clifford Small Group Instruction
Babson, Julie Mike McAllister, Jess Eisner, Kristin Romig, Cindy Crowley, Alyssa Greene, Brian Bisceglia-Kane, Helena Chan Social Emotional Learning at Butler
Brown, Jim Greg Bruce, Kate McCabe, Stacie Ross, Alice Melnikoff Senior Exit Survey
Chiu, Justin Alison Murray, Ashton Onisick 4th Grade Vocabulary
Colby, Laura Ellen Levy, Abbie Dufault, Wendy Pellegrine The Daily 5 in Kindergarten
Cook, Katie Aimee Doherty, Ted Trodden, Wayne Franey Movement Based Activities
Corrieri, Caitlin Michelle Connors, Jill MacKinnon Primary/Secondary Sources in “To Kill a Mockingbird” Unit
Crough, Melissa Cate Elgert, Kristin Richardson, Erica Ross Second Step
DeFrances, Jessica Jaynene Dellitt-Young, Janet Carey Using Google Applications and Other  Available Technology Resources to Communicate Curriculum Resources to Elementary Staff
Dinh, Adrienne Meaghan Clow, Cindy St. Clair Colonial Day at Wellington
Dobey, Lisa Sheila Walsh, Briana Wall, Sheila Powley, Amy Spangler, Sarah Forrey-Pettit Social Emotional Learning – exploring ways schools can increase resiliency in vulnerable students
El-Gamel, Rebecca Leslie Sullivan, Sara Fraser Student-directed curriculum
English, Danette Regina Kalajian, Ashley Cruzco, Cathy Larkin, Andrew Roy, Mark Milowsky, Nicole Pond, Emily Reed, Danette English Exploring Creativity
Feingold, Dana Nicolette Foundas, Katie Mitchell, Theresa Duff, Erin Dotson, Becky Gannon Reaching All Readers
Garschina, Gabrielle Mark Reynolds, Clare Murphy, Lauren Elefteraidis, Anne-Marie Fant, Neil Beers, Anna Sommers, Dan Richards The 4Cs
Goldfine, Josh Jamie Shea, Heather Pritchard, Jeff Shea Understanding Historical Perspective
Green, Rebecca Leon Dyer, Sharon Phipps, John McLellan, Crystal Waters, Jon Hartunian, Rhonda Cherry, Monica Frender, Daniel Coplon-Newfield How the Chenery runs as a building (SEL – transitions, schedule, etc)
Greenwood, Jason Alison Skelly, Jennifer Nichols, Jessica Smith, Jennifer Calden Developing an early childhood screening protocol
Hawkins, Carla Justin Lipomi, Joseph Quinn, Robyn Vetstein Comprehensive Middle School Guidance Curriculum
Hebert, Jennifer Julia Snell, Jacqueline Lovett, Patty Harper Evaluation of Algebra  2 PARCC
Hiltz, Kelly Joanna Colton, Kathy Doyle, Kerry Lapon, Melanie Hannon Social Emotional Learning in Kindergarten
Huestis, Julia Jonathan Golden, Timothy Glick, Chandrika Vittal Effective Strategies for Fostering Independent Learners in the Math Classroom.
Joseffer, Leila Priscilla Stephan, Hester Murray Mindset and the Components of Effective Effort
Kaushik, Bhuvana Elizabeth (Lizz) Gentes, Alane Janulewicz,
Jessica Allison
Developing Social Emotional Learning action plans for students
Kramer, Ken Mary Jane Weinstein, Louisa Popkin, Jacqueline Mawn Assignment and Use of Speciial Education Aides
Lazar, Paula David Learner, Lianne McCanne, Erin O’Regan, Eileen Wiznitzer Translating SEL into strategies that work with complex, atypical students.
Lijek, Suzanne Pat Partridge, Brian Dunn, Ben DeLorio, Ashley Landry Cheating and Plagiarism
Lints, Diane Jen Aller, Mark Olowinski, Rob Sutton Evaluation of Geometry PARCC
Manca, Beth Carmen Anderson, Elizabeth Carver, Min Lu, Amy Sanchez, Kari Tanner, Eric Ahern SEL in the Foreign Language Classroom
Marks, JoAnne Jon Marks, Vanessa Bullard, Kristen St. George Integrating SEL in the 8th Grade Science Curriculum
McDevitt, Deb Risa Carp, Martha Bloom, Margot Reavey, Jacqueline Kaiser, Kelly Prevost, Eileen White, Eric Berkman, Marc Lefebvre, Muqing Gu, YuChen ChungSwallom, Alicia Safier, Steve Mazzola, Arto Asadoorian Innovative Teaching with iPads
McMahan, Craig Kate Hayashi, Sean Landers, Christine Moser, Vickie Livermore, Paige Revens, Karyn Alzayer Mindfulness and Music Education
Moeller, Michelle Jennifer Ellis, Lindi DeLorio, Megan Marincic, Natalie Ward, Grace Yegen, Jane Brandt Creating and Implementing ELL Centers
Morrison, Robin Lauren Hamel, Stephanie LaVigne, Meghan McGovern Shared Inquiry
Moyer, Becky Shoba Reginald, Niki Nitchie, Lucy Osborn Making after school extra help time more effective
Muldoon, John Liz Baker, Erin McCarthy, Paul Ketchen, Jillian Goodwin, Melissa Glotzbecker, Ezra Flam, Emily Taylor, Emily Macnow, Adrienne Talamas, Leslie MacIntosh SEL
O’Regan, Vicky Maureen Galvin, Jeff Forti, Maria Bonfiglio Small Group Instruction
Paczkowski, Craig John Sullivan, Kathryn McLeod, Denise LaPolla, Jessica Watkins, Lois Mason Character Education
Pederson, Mary Janice Darias SEL – Language and Leadership
Pomponio, Suzanne Kathleen Calhoun, Danielle Pandolfo, Kimberly Miller, Jack Sullivan Social Emotional Learning- Implementing Second Step
Pressey, Jennifer Jenna McNulty, Caeli McGaunn, Stephine Messing Daily 5
Pulizzi, Dori Sarah Costa, Wendy Fields, Jim Buckley, David Beebe, Catrina Knapp Project Based Learning
Reilly, Becky Maggie Roler, Kate Ebdon, Laurie Carlson Gr. 2 Math Problem Solving and Games
Reynolds, Joe Stacie Marino, Nichole Bukowski, Sarkis Asadoorian, Jim Davis Creation of a Wellness Outdoor Pursuits class
Rinder, Lindsey Sherri Turner, Colleen Foley, Mike Bruno, Karen Duff, Diane Wiltshire, Kim Thompson How do African-American students and families experience our schools?
Ripley, Kristen Katherine Kelley, Kathleen Byrnes, Sarah Libertini  Using Document Cameras and Teacher Tube to efficiently and effectively reach all learners
Saba-Sher, Sara Lauren Pisano, Lauren Mamon, Rene Magier, Alex Boudette, Ellen Donahue Entrance and Exit criteria for special education and RTI services for language impairments
Schlank, Erica Michela Keough, Nicole Torniero, Erin Gillies CAFE Model
Schmitt, Ryan Dena Cocchiola, Kristin Ciappina, David Gonzales So You Think You Can Dance 2
Shah, Seema Dan Moresco, Jessica Pulido Evaluation of Algebra 1 PARCC
Shaughnessy, Jeanine Heather Blake, Mary Conant Cantor, Terry Grimm, Kimberly Hogrefe,  Roberta LaGrega, Patsy MacKinnon, Constance Page, Mary Elizabeth Rumley Development of a social emotional learning (SEL) resource manual
Slattery, Tara Cheryl Lyons, Liz Cox, Amy Baxter, Kristen Colavito, Kendra Nnyanzi, Beth Losk, Carolyn Bell 5,4,3,2,1,The Daily Five
Streit, Josh Adam Zilcoski Financial Literacy
Tausek, Pete Andrew Semuels, Rebecca Bourke ELL Accommodations for Gr. 7 World Geo
Tracey, Laura Allison Ruane, Karl Mitchell, Andrew MacAulay Ssy          Monitoring academic and social emotional growth with a huge, diverse team!
Westfall, Christina Erin Severy, Aaron Ogilvie Steve Tenhor, Jessica Endres Social Studies (4th Grade)
Williams, Stacy Bonnie Chen Incorporating SEL in the 12th grade Neurobiology Course

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